About Us

Located in Co. Down Northern Ireland, PackHawk Outdoors manufactures outdoor equipment using both modern and traditional manufacturing techniques to bring you high quality equipment.

In 2014 our passion for the outdoors and love of engineering merged to form PackHawk Outdoors.  Since then we have been supplying outdoors men and women worldwide with our products.

Carry little piece of Irish history with you

Our logo might just look like any other logo but there is a lot of Irish history in those few lines! 
PackHawk Outdoors is located in the ancient Gaelic kingdom of Iveagh (Uíbh Eachach).  The Hand in our logo is known as the “Red Hand of Ulster”. The hand is a ancient gaelic symbol dating from pagan times.  The Magennises who were chiefs of the Iveagh used the Red Hand as their coats of Arms.
The O’Neil Clan then adopted the Red Hand in the Nine Years War (1594 – 1603) against the English .
Since then the Red Hand has been used to represent Ulster in everything from Manufacturing to Sport.
The Red Hand can be regarded as one of the very few cross-community symbols used in Northern Ireland, crossing the sectarian political divide.

The Mountain outlined in our logo is Errigal located in Co. Donegal.
It is one of the most recognisable mountains in Ireland.
The rugged and untouched landscape in which it sits helped develop our love for the outdoors!