PackHawk Trail Blazer Kit

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Brand: PackHawk Outdoors

PackHawk Trail Blazer Kit

Whether you're scouting new trails or just maintaining your favourite camp site, we have you covered! Our break down tool makes clearing trails and camp work easy! More importantly there is no cumbersome tools to haul, simply throw the kit into your rucksack and go!

Supplied with a hand forged mattock and limb saw, you can assemble into either configuration in less than a minute!

You can also add in the PackHawk Survival Axe Head Package to give you the ultimate set of trail tools!

Package Includes:

  • PackHawk Handle
  • Mattock
  • Limb Saw & Adaptor
  • Assembly Tool
  • Stuff Bag

The mattock is hand forged in-house to produce a tough and long lasting tool. The tool has been treated with a traditional blacksmith's hot oil finish to seal the steel.

The limb saw is sourced from a quality manufacturer. It is designed to make short work of branches and roots. Replacement blades can be found worldwide if required in the future.

The handle and adaptor are powder coated to give a tough, long lasting finish.

Total weight: 1.15 KG

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