PackHawk Survival Axe Head Package

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Brand: PackHawk Outdoors

Packhawk Axe Package- The ultimate lightweight, pack away axe.

The PackHawk Axe allows the user to carry a high quality tool without the burden of lugging around a full size axe.

It can easily be stored in a leg pocket of your trousers or in the side pocket of a rucksack. It takes up very little room while still giving the user all the advantages of a high end axe.

Although lashing your axe head to a handle seems unconventional and innovative in our times, mankind has used this technique right from stone age man. The simplicity of being able to quickly create an axe handle in any situation is the essence of the PackHawk design.

The head is made from a high carbon steel, each head is hand finished and stropped to a razor sharp edge before leaving our workshop. The edge holding properties of the hardened steel means the axe stays extremely sharp no matter what you put it through.

The shape of the axe allows the user to comfortably hold and use the head like a knife. It can also be lashed into a drawknife format for woodworking tasks around the camp.

As with all our equipment the axe is manufactured by ourselves in Northern Ireland. We use our precision CNC machines to cut the heads and then we finish each head individually by hand ensuring we deliver a high quality product that you can rely on.

Here is a video on hafting your PackHawk Axe.

Package includes:
-Packhawk Axe Head
-Nato Military Issue Chainsaw
-3m of US Military Approved 550 Paracord
-Cotton Pouch

Technical Specs:
OAL: 164mm
OAW: 100mm
Blade Length: 75mm
Thickness: 6mm
Weight: 400g
Material: O1 Tool Steel
Finish: Traditional Beeswax

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